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Antique Bed

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This delightful Canopy bedframe help to create a more luxurious feel to your traditional master bedroom. This high-quality traditional design of this beautiful stunning collection is offered at reasonable price, making it possible for nearly anyone to furnish their bedroom in the same luxurious fashion as the rich and famous. Classic and traditional styling does not have to sacrifice comfort for form. Our all pieces were designed with this perspective. This canopy bedframe should invite a relaxed atmosphere rather than fusty formality in your bedroom. Flowing lines, detailed and decorative carvings are some of the many design elements of this gorgeous traditional bedroom Collection. The design elements of this canopy will add an air of magnificence to your bedroom while still allowing for today's more casually refined lifestyle. The elaborately designed details of the four-post canopy bed will make a stunning center-piece look to your traditional bedroom. The four columns which boldly support the wooden canopy feature detailed carvings and add a decorative touch to the opulent design. This solid and stunning Canopy Bedframe, made from solid Burma teak with a natural finish, will look stylish in your romantic and luxurious bedroom. There is only one piece left in our stock, booking now!


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